NOVATRAP for smart pest monitoring

Novatrap is a a result of years of applied research offered at a competetive price!

Artificial Intelligence

NOVATRAP system analyses the data via advanced Artificial Intelligence

High Resolution Camera

High Resolution camera for capturing all pest details. LEDs are also used for capturing images under the same exposure conditions

Access it from Everywhere

Monitor your field 365/24 from anywhere!. NOVATRAP plalform allows access from your computer, tablet or any other mobile device!

Novatrap Benefits

One of the biggest problems that farmers have to deal with is the handling of insects or other diseases that can affect the crops and at the same time affect the quality and quantity of Read more…

Novatrap Technology

NOVATRAP – automates delta trap is the result of many years of research and combines high resolution cameras, Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the edge detection as well as a cloud-based platform for continuous monitoring of Read more…