Novatrap Benefits

One of the biggest problems that farmers have to deal with is the handling of insects or other diseases that can affect the crops and at the same time affect the quality and quantity of production.

By using NOVATRAP farmers can:
-Monitor remotely the insect population in their fields 365/24
-Reduce pesticide usage by knowing precisely when to apply them
-Increase quality of the product/price of product
-Increase production
-Protect the environment

Novatrap Technology

NOVATRAP – automates delta trap is the result of many years of research and combines high resolution cameras, Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the edge detection as well as a cloud-based platform for continuous monitoring of insect.

NOVATRAP was designed with the farmers in mind therefore its easy to install and use. Farmers can access the platform via their desktop, tablet or event from their mobile device and receive custom alerts according to their preferences.

NOVATRAP system is based on advanced AI algorithms with increased accuracy of pest species identification. This makes NOVATRAP unique since the AI can learn any other pest species aects crops and is of interest of farmers and entomologists.